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The Top 4 Danish Bakeries In Solvang, CA

You’d be incredibly hard-pressed to find a more charming and unique town than Solvang on the central coast. Walking through this picturesque one-of-a-kind town, you’ll feel as if you have been transported somewhere in Denmark because of its rich Danish heritage. 

From beautiful architecture and delicious wine to a thriving culinary scene, Solvang has it all—including top-notch bakeries. With so much to appreciate, finding the best Danish bakeries in Solvang to explore can be challenging. 

That’s why we want to share a few of the gems you can add to your ‘must visit’ list when you’ve booked into one of the spectacular hotels like The King Frederik Inn. So without further ado, let’s dive into what you need to know to enjoy the best of Solvang’s bakeries.

What Are The Top Four Danish Bakeries In Solvang? 

We found four bakeries in Solvang that stand out from the competition. If you’re interested in sampling all things tasty, you might want to consider popping in and visiting each one when you next visit this charming town. 

unique Danish pastry found in one of the many bakeries in Solvang, CA.

1. Birkholm’s Bakery & Cafe

Since 1951, Birkholm’s Bakery & Cafe has been serving the residents and visitors of Solvang delicious Danish baked goods. This bakery was founded by Charlotte Birkholm and Carl ‘Cookie’ Sr. and has managed to remain a family-owned and operated establishment that is beloved by many. 

Interestingly, unlike other bakeries in the area, Birkholm’s uses the original and authentic Danish recipes that ‘Cookie’ brought with him from Denmark decades ago. Currently, the family is run by the third generation of bakers and is well known for its wide variety of Danish bread and delectable pastries. 

Birkholm’s Bakery & Cafe

  • 460 Alisal Rd, Solvang, CA 93463
  • Phone: (805) 688-8188
  • Website:

2. The Solvang Bakery

Arguably the biggest and most popular Danish bakery in Solvang is The Solvang Bakery. This family-owned boutique bakery is famous because it’s a favorite of the Kardashians, Kelly Ripa, and Rosanna Pansino. It has also been featured on Hallmark’s Home and Family and the Ellen Show. 

Additionally, The Solvang Bakery specializes in creating spectacular birthday cakes, cookie decorating kits, custom wedding cakes, iced cookies, and Danish-American desserts. Yet, it’s their gingerbread houses and creations that are most sought after by visitors because it’s a 30-year-old recipe that keeps you wanting to return for more. 

The Solvang Bakery

  • 438 Alisal Road, Solvang, California, 93463
  • Phone: 805-325-0910
  • Website:

3. Danish Mill Bakery

The Danish Mill Bakery is one of the oldest in Solvang, with an immersive history. This bakery was founded in the 1940s in Copenhagen, Denmark, and later moved to Solvang by its founder Arvid Peterson. Curiously, Peterson used to be responsible for supplying the baked goods for King Christian X of Denmark, so you can imagine that the baked goods in this bakery are grand. 

As of 2020, the bakery changed hands, and it is now run by the Danish Pastry Chef Henrik Gram who used to bake for many ambassadors, and Queen Margrethe II of Denmark herself. Additionally, the bakery has a combined experience level of more than 150 years, with much of the staff staying on for over a decade. 

Some of the most popular treats you can expect to savor when you visit this bakery include Danish cookies, Viking bread, fruit marzipan, and traestammer chocolate cake. 

Danish Mill Bakery

  • 1682 Copenhagen Drive, Solvang, California 93463
  • Phone: 805-688-5805
  • Website:
glass display cabinet filled with baked goods

4. Mortensen’s Danish Bakery

If you’re eager to visit a quaint Danish bakery, look no further than Mortensen’s Danish Bakery. This bakery and cafe has been owned and operated by its founders for over 40 years. Many people visit Mortensen’s every year because it uses old-world recipes from Ove Mortensen, a Danish baker from Denmark. 

Mortensen’s is run by the Petersen sisters, who create thousands of tasty morsels monthly. If you want to taste authentic buttery-rich Danish pastries, real whipped cream napoleons, all-butter shortbread, and chocolate eclairs, stop in when next you visit Solvang. 

Mortensen’s Danish Bakery

  • 1588 Mission Dr, Solvang, CA 93463
  • Phone: (805) 688-8373​
  • Website:

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