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Solvang’s Christmas Celebration: Danish-Style Julefest

Are you looking for a unique Christmas holiday season that will be memorable for all the right reasons? If so, why not consider visiting Solvang for the town’s Christmas—otherwise known as Julefest—celebrations? 

Every year Solvang’s Danish-style Julefest brings in thousands of visitors who are excited to see and visit the city’s many Danish-themed stores and cultural displays. During the Christmas holidays, this city outshines most thanks to its charming attractions, light displays, and superb food and wine. 

This city’s annual Julefest lasts for a whole month, from December to January. The downtown area and shops dress up in sparkling lights and Christmas decor that is not to be missed. Numerous festive events are held throughout the city, so you’ll have plenty to do and see. Yet since it’s so popular during the holidays, it’s important to make your travel and overnight accommodations ahead of time; otherwise, you’ll miss out. 

Should you be looking for a wonderful place to stay, consider The King Frederik Inn, one of the best hotels in Solvang. Besides this, it’s a good idea to learn more about what you can expect, so continue reading to acquaint yourself with the city’s festivities. 

christmas trees in solvang california during julefest

About Solvang: The History Of A Favorite California City

Before we dive into what you can expect during Christmas time at Solvang’s Julefest, we want to briefly tell you about the town’s history. Unlike other cities that have been around for centuries, Solvang was founded only in 1911. 

Initially, Solvang was a small town of only 9,000 acres in the early 1900s. This city was founded by a group of Danes who wanted to establish a colony away from midwestern winters. Today the city is still relatively small, with only about 6,000 permanent residents, but it makes up for this throughout the year with millions of visitors. 

Yet, why do so many people want to visit Solvang? Simple. The city is home to numerous exquisite wineries and wine-tasting rooms, several bakeries, countless restaurants, and many quaint shops. Additionally, the picturesque Danish-style architecture of the city’s buildings and homes is another reason many visit. 

What Is Solvang’s Christmas Celebration?

As we mentioned, Solvang’s Christmas festival and Danish-style Julefest are one and the same. The month-long annual celebration usually starts in early December and ends in early December. Although there is no snow, the town is still transformed into a winter paradise that is a feast for the eyes. 

During the Christmas celebration, the many quaint hamlets are decorated with traditional ornaments and lights, and there are many festive treats and other holiday delights for sale. Here’s what you can look forward to: 

  • Solvang’s Julefest starts with a spectacular tree-lighting ceremony at Solvang Park. During this ceremony, there are loads of live entertainment, including carolers and dancing ballerinas. 

Solvang Park

1630 Mission Dr, Solvang, CA 93463

  • Another event that’s part of Solvang’s Christmas celebrations that many look forward to every year is the Nisse Adventure. This event is a city-wide mischievous hunt for what is known as Solvang’s Nisse.  
  • Those who enjoy parades will love the yearly Julefest Parade. If you’re interested in seeing it when you visit, make your way to Alisal Road, as it starts here and continues down to Copenhagen Drive and other adjacent streets. Every year this spectacular parade has more than 400 participants. 
  • If the parade isn’t to your liking, try the Candlelight Tours. During the tour, you will join other carolers learning about Danish traditions while you walk the streets of Solvang. Contact the Solvang Visitor Center for details.

Solvang Visitor Center

1639 Copenhagen Drive, Solvang, CA 93463

Phone: (805) 688-6144

  • Should you be in the mood for a spot of shopping, check out the market called Makers Market at this year’s Julefest in Solvang. Located in the Elverhoj Museum, you can find everything from delicious bites to eat, sweet treats, and handcrafted gifts to decor items, clothing, and souvenirs at this market. 

Elverhoj Museum of History and Art

1624 Elverhoy Way, Solvang, CA 93463

Phone: (805) 686-1211

Website: www.elverhoj.org 

danish christmas dolls

Julefest Solvang: What To Do When Visiting

Although Julefest and the Christmas celebrations in Solvang are the same, there are a few things to do that are distinctly “Julefest-oriented.” Have a quick look below to learn more about what to do during Julefest in Solvang this year:

  • If you’re up for a visit, the Jule Hus can introduce you to the season’s festivities. They sell many old European Christmas decorations, elaborate holiday decor, nutcrackers, and collectibles.

Jule Hus

1580 Mission Dr. Solvang, CA 93463

Phone: (805) 688-6601

  • If you love spices, you can visit Spice Merchant, that’s situated in Solvang’s downtown area. This shop has an impressive range of exotic spices from all over the world that you can buy. 

Solvang Spice Merchant

1603 Copenhagen #2, Solvang , CA 93463

Phone: (805) 697-7975

Website: solvangspice.com

  • Should you have a hankering for Danish items, you should visit Copenhagen House, as they only sell Danish imports that you will struggle to find elsewhere. They have everything from jewelry and clothing to houseware and furniture. 

The Copenhagen House

1660 Copenhagen Dr, Solvang, CA 93463

Phone: (805) 693-5000

Website: thecopenhagenhouse.com

  • During the Julefest celebrations, you can visit many of the area’s popular wine tasting rooms, like Casa Cassara and Lions Peak Vineyard. 

Casa Cassara Winery & Vineyard

The Atterdag Center

1607 Mission Dr #112, Solvang, CA 93463

Phone: (805) 688-8691

Website: ccwinery.com

Lions Peak Vineyard

1659 Copenhagen Dr Suite A, Solvang, CA 93463

Phone: (805) 693-5466

Website: lionspeakwine.com

Book A Stay At The King Frederik Inn To Enjoy Solvang’s Danish-Style Julefest!

With Julefest in Solvang fast approaching, it’s time to plan where you will stay during the Christmas season if you’re planning on visiting this picturesque Danish City in California. 

With so much to do in Solvang, it would be a shame to miss out, so check with The King Frederik Inn and reserve a room. Our inn has everything you could need to enjoy the Christmas season in this lovely small city. We can’t wait to make your acquaintance!

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