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Guide To Solvang’s Top Wine Tasting Rooms

If you’re planning a vacation or want to take a trip somewhere new for a weekend getaway, consider visiting Solvang. This Danish-American town is situated in Santa Ynez Valley in central California and has a rich appreciation of culture and history. This town was founded in 1911 by a community of Danish Americans and has since grown in size and offerings. 

When you visit Solvang, you can look forward to staying at comfortable hotels like The King Frederik Inn, museums, restaurants, bespoke shops, bakeries, and wine tasting rooms. With so many truly exciting things to do, it’s no wonder Solvang sees thousands of tourists every year. 

If you’re interested in Solvang wine tasting, and that’s the main purpose of your visit, you might wonder which wine tasting rooms are the best. Finding the top wine tasting rooms can be challenging since there are over 120 Solvang wineries in operation. In our guide, we’re going to tell you everything you need to know about wine tasting rooms in Solvang, including the best ones to visit. 

wine on table at a Solvang, California winery

Five Of The Best Solvang Wine Tasting Rooms

Below are five of the best Solvang wine tasting rooms. Each of these rooms is unique in that they offer signature wines you won’t find at a different wine room. 

In addition, each wine room also offers its own unique experience, so no one can blame you for visiting all of them during your trip to Solvang. 

1. Dascomb Cellars

If you’re after a boutique experience, consider making Dascomb Cellars your first wine tasting room stop in Solvang. 

Dascomb Cellars produces some of the best quality wines in the area thanks to their commitment to implementing industry best practices throughout the wine-making process. They are also a family-owned establishment, and the staff is known for being friendly. 

Thanks to their strict production practices, their wines are loved by most who try them. You can try their wide range of wines at their wine tasting room in the heart of Solvang. If you’re feeling a little hungry, you can enjoy a cheese pairing with your wine sampling. 

You can also look forward to your final tasting being a sought-after vintage port often paired with delectable chocolate truffles. 

Since the Dascomb Cellars tasting room can get busy on weekends, visit between noon and 3 pm to avoid crowds. 

Dascomb Cellars
1623 Mission Dr. Suites E & F, Solvang, CA 93463
Phone: (805) 691-9175

2. Sanger Family of Wines

Those after a Mediterranean wine tasting experience in Solvang should visit the Sanger Family of Wines wine room. This winery is run by three families that have joined forces to present some of the best Solvang wines. 

In addition to providing a variety of wines to sample, the wine room is known for its beautiful natural lighting and modern fixtures. Unlike the other wine tasting rooms in the area, the Sanger Family of Wines room is open until 7 pm on Thursdays and Sundays and 9 pm on Fridays and Saturdays. 

Another notable difference about this wine tasting room is that there is often live music and jazz nights where you can enjoy wine and music. Additionally, at the Sanger Family of Wines wine tasting room, you can look forward to pairing olive oil tasting with your wine tasting. The wine tasting fee is $25 to $30, depending on how many wines you sample. 

Sanger Family of Wines
1584 Mission Drive, Solvang, CA 93463
Phone: (805) 691-1020

wine casks in a winery

3. Cali Love Wine

Sometimes it’s a good idea not to take your wine tasting experience too seriously. If you’re not a connoisseur and want a fun experience, you should check out the Cali Love wine tasting room. This wine room is one of the best because it offers delicious wine samplings and has quirky decorations, video games, and music. 

When you visit Cali Love, you can expect a wholly different vibe than from other wine rooms in the area. This is because Cali Love is unique, with its unicorn stickers, candles, and bright signs. It’s meant to be relaxing, unlike the competition, which is why it draws a younger crowd. 

Yet, despite having a more youthful appearance, Cali Love exhibits a spectacular wine selection. Most of the wines on offer are light-bodied and sweet, so if this is to your tastes, you should visit. If you visit and find a wine you love, you’ll be pleased to learn that many of their wines are available online!

Cali Love Wine
1651 Copenhagen Dr, Solvang, CA 93463
Phone: (805) 688-1678

4. Sevtap Winery Tasting Room

Not all wine tasting rooms are made equal, and the Sevtap Winery wine tasting room is a testament to this. Unlike the other wine tasting rooms on our list, this one is wholly unique in that it is nestled underneath a Danish windmill. 

This wine tasting room can be found on Copenhagen Drive in Solvang and is best suited to those who like a cultural experience. If you favor red wines produced in the Bordeaux style, you’ll love the wine samples on the menu at Sevtap Winery. 

The wine tasting room can be found under huge wooden beams inside the windmill, making it a cozy place for wine tasting on a chilly day. If the weather is good when you visit, you can experience the many tasty wine samples under a covered patio beside the windmill. 

You might also like that the Sevtap Winery tasting room is open until 8 pm, making it ideal for those who want to visit a few of the other wine tasting rooms in the area first. 

Sevtap Winery
1622 Copenhagen Dr, Solvang, CA 93463
Phone: (805) 284-1270

5. Lucas & Lewellen

Arguably, the best wine tasting room in the Solvang area belongs to Lucas & Lewellen. This family-owned winery serves visitors an extensive selection of award-winning wines. The other wine tasting rooms on our list are superb, but none have as much variety as Lucas & Lewellen. 

When you visit this wine tasting room, you can choose between an all-white, vintage, and sweet lovers, all-red, and white and red mix menu. Whichever appeals to your palette the most, you can select and enjoy. 

Another incredible feature at the Lucas & Lewellen wine tasting room is their many counters where you can lounge with friends or family while enjoying some of the tastiest wines to cross your lips. You can also quench your thirst for wine-related questions when visiting, since the staff is knowledgeable about all things wine. 

Lastly, the tasting room is also child and pet-friendly, so you can make a family trip out of your wine tasting experience at the Lucas & Lewellen wine tasting room. 

Lucas & Lewellen
1645 Copenhagen Dr., Solvang, CA 93463
Phone: (805) 686-9336

Solvang Wine Tasting Room FAQs

What Exactly is A Wine Tasting Room?

Let’s briefly explain this venue. Ultimately, a wine tasting room is a designated area or ‘room’ where you can try samples of a winery’s selection of wines. 

Most of the time, a wine room is situated indoors on site where other products are sold. Yet, some wineries host their wine tasting events in open areas. In addition, depending on the size, some of Solvang’s top wine tasting rooms are also used for wedding receptions, parties, corporate events, and other social gatherings. 

four glasses of white wine served at a Solvang, California wine tasting room

What Is The Sample Size At A Wine Tasting Room?

Now that you know what a wine tasting room is, it’s time to look at the sample size you can expect to enjoy when visiting a Solvang wine tasting room. In most instances, expect each wine sample to be two to three ounces. This is about half the size of a regular wine serving. 

Even though the portions are smaller, expect to receive your wine samples in a normal-sized wine glass. Most wine rooms do this so that customers (you) can swirl your wine and fully enjoy the aromatics and flavor of each sample. However, some wine rooms won’t use wine glasses but disposable cups, so be prepared for that, just in case!

Will You Have To Spit Out Your Wine When Tasting?

When you visit one of the wine rooms mentioned above, you’re likely wondering if you must spit out your wine after every tasting. To help you avoid embarrassment or awkward situations, we thought it best to tell you what is common practice. 

Whether you choose to spit out your wine when tasting is up to you and your preferences. It will also depend on whether the winery has provided you with a spittoon, a container you can use to spit out your wine to try the next sampling. 

Some prefer to use spittoons if they plan on tasting many wines to avoid getting intoxicated. You should also look forward to being provided crackers and water to cleanse your palette in between tastings in a wine room. 

What Wines Are Solvang Famous For?

Solvang is famous for many wines, however, there are a few wine types that the wineries in Solvang are best known for. These wines include:

  • Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Sauvignon Blanc
  • Pinot Noir
  • Riesling
  • Chardonnay
  • Syrah
wine tasting in Solvang, CA

What Qualities Should You Look For In A Wine When Tasting It?

When visiting Solvang’s top wine tasting rooms, you need to know what qualities to look for in a wine when tasting it. Knowing what makes a great wine will help you buy the right wine that complements your meals or that you can enjoy at home. 

Have a look below to learn about the qualities you need to pay attention to when tasting wine:

  • Viscosity: If you want to test a wine’s viscosity, you need to give it a swirl. A wine with good viscosity will cling to the side of your wine glass. High-viscosity wine also has higher sugar content. 
  • Taste: One of the best qualities of good wine is its taste. The more flavors and notes you can taste and the longer it lasts, the better the wine in most instances. Should you want to get technical about the wine you taste, you can use a flavor wheel to take notes between samples. 
  • Sight: When tasting your wines, observe their color and how they could be affected by the climate and the aging process the winery uses. A good quality wine will have a clear crystalline appearance and no imperfections. 
  • Smell: Some of the best wines will have a strong smell of fruit since they are made from grapes. To test how your wine smells, give it a swirl and immediately put your nose in the glass to catch the aromas. 

Book A Stay At King Frederik Inn To Enjoy Solvang’s Wine Tasting Rooms

If you’re planning on visiting Solvang’s wine tasting rooms, you will need a comfortable place to stay. Luckily, The King Frederik Inn is the perfect place to book a night or weekend stay if you’re in this beautiful area and want to tour Solvang’s wine tasting rooms. 

We have many amenities to make your stay enjoyable, including a heated pool and spa, complimentary breakfast, and an outdoor spa available year-round! Contact us with questions. Our staff can’t wait to meet you before you begin your wine tasting experience. 

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